Hi, I'm Quentin

Since I was a child, I have been obsessed with why people hold the beliefs that they have. It ranged from mundane subjects like why some people like baseball, and others don't? Why are some people stern, and others open and approachable? Why are some mean and others nice?

As I grew older, and being the son of a minister, I began to think more philosophically, such as why some people hold one faith, while others another? Or none at all?

I was horribly existential as a young person! (Read more about me)


We are all shaped by our upbringing, our experiences, our cultures, our influences, our traditions and many, many other factors that make each of us special and unique.

My burning question - or quest - is to explore what makes for a rewarding life?

It is a deceptively simple question, but a profoundly complex subject that has both objective and subjective elements to it. So much so that the answer will be vastly different for everyone.

To consider what is rewarding takes deep reflection. There is an element of values. It implies what we are willing to sacrifice for and what we are not. It is an understanding of who we are and what we aspire to be.

When I think of what makes for a rewarding life for myself, some of the concepts that are important to me are:

  • Having a sense of meaning and Purpose
  • Having a measure of happiness and contentment
  • Having confidence that what I'm doing is important, that it makes a difference
  • Having sufficient self-awareness and tools to effectively manage my stress and anxiety
  • Having self-confidence and motivation

In some way, all of these concepts reside in our minds. They are an extension of our values, our thoughts, our beliefs and the sum of our experiences.

This is why my journey has brought me to study cognition in the broader sense. How do our thoughts govern our lives? How are beliefs formed as well as our world-view and mindset?

More succinctly:

I want to know how understanding the mind can help us better inform our decisions to create more meaningful and rewarding lives.


We can create better lives by understanding why we believe what we believe, what is important to us, what we understand our Purpose to be and developing the skills to live effectively and fully.

We can find direction in a world of chaos, confidence in the face of fear, comfort amongst uncertainty.

By living fully, I believe we in turn contribute more to the people around us, our families and our communities.

This is what I explore on this site.

If you want to explore and learn to create a more rewarding life for yourself, then I hope you find the information here of value to you.

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