About Quentin Green

Hi, I am Quentin Green and I am the guy behind this site. I started this because my life has been a journey of questioning how I can improve my own life, by understanding how others have seemingly great lives. It has been a mission of research and study, contemplation and sometimes revelation. From Seminary to the business world, from psychology to philosophy to theology, I have sought far and wide for answers that would satisfy my own needs.

My purpose here is to share with you what I have learned about what makes for a rewarding life in simple, clear terms and actionable steps.

Much of what I found was within the greater industry of personal growth or development and self-help.  These topics are huge, the industry is huge and filled with well-meaning folks. The information seemed either respectable, but unapproachable for most people, to opinion based material that may have been inspirational, but had little 'meat on the bone.'

This site is a result of the knowledge and experience I've gained and the information I've researched over more than three decades. My goal is to provide distilled information that is solid informationally, but also approachable, practical and effective.

My Story

Like many people, I have had my ups and downs, successes and failures. I have often grappled with stress and anxiety, and particularly a feeling of disillusionment. Life should be better than what I was experiencing.

The worst result of my own struggles was wasting precious years of my life that I can never gain back no matter what I doBelieve me, you do not want that regret.

My obsession with knowledge was driven by my experience. Ultimately once I found my own sense of Purpose in my life, it made all the difference.

Should Shit

A mentor once told me that we need to let go of the "should shit". We live our lives according to the word "should". We should go to school, we should go to college, we should get a good job, we should find a spouse and settle down, we should plan for retirement, we should spend 40+ years working to have a few years at the end our lives to enjoy, we should...

Everyone has their own "shoulds". It becomes a matter of whether those have become a barrier to a good/rewarding/peaceful/contented/happy/fill-in-the-blank life. The programming we receive doesn't always resonate with who we are or our core values. The results can be catastrophic.

Finding Our 'Why'

What constitutes a rewarding life is different for everyone. Life is complex as it what motivates our actions.

We all have different beliefs and "shoulds" that we have learned and inherited throughout our lives. Here on this site you will begin to unpack and understand what your own values and beliefs are that guide your actions; your own 'whys'. Once you do so, the opportunity is open to you to craft your own life on your own terms. This is the basis of a rewarding life.

A rewarding life is available to everyone. It just takes some meaningful contemplation.


Take Action

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