Are You a Zombie? Here is the Cure



Warning! The Zombie Apocalypse is here! They are all around us, in our communities, our workplaces, in the stores we shop at and even our homes! It’s a full scale invasion. They have infiltrated all of our institutions, our classrooms, our boardrooms and the highest political offices.

There is nowhere to hide.

I hate to break the bad news to you, but you may be infected as well!

Faced with this possibility, what is the best thing to do? Panic, of course! Just what they always tell you NOT to do in a crisis, but this is a crisis like no other, and it requires you to PANIC.

Are you a zombie? Take the examination below to find out.

Zombie Self Assessment Exam

How do you identify a zombie?

According to Web-M.E.¹, they possess one or more of these characteristics:

  • They are automatons. They have no Purpose. It may manifest itself as going about life without intention. Activities become routinized.
  • They are lifeless. They exhibit the “zombie walk”, the slow shuffle as they go about their work. Symptoms include lack of passion, the ‘Sunday Syndrome’ before a workweek, a hollow feeling in the pit of the stomach, stress, anxiety and depression.
  • They moan. Their cries are meaningless. Typical red flag behaviors are complaining, judgementalism, criticism and a piss-poor attitude.
  • They eat brains. They suck the life out of others. This may take the form of trading time for money. Expending life-force at the direction of someone else. Being driven by an insatiable need for more money, more possessions or more accomplishments; yet are never satiated.
  • They are dead inside. They don’t exist in a healthy community. Symptoms include taking rather than giving back, living less than your potential. The soul has become a vacuum, rather than a blessing to others.


What did the assessment reveal? Are you a zombie?! If you can relate to any of these, there is only one option: Panic. If you weren’t panicked before, do it. This is a fretful situation and there is no time to waste. You must panic to avoid zombification.


Poor if left untreated. If you have been infected, get treatment immediately. Without it, you may suffer:

• Stress
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Listlessness
• Lack of Passion
• Elevated cortisol levels
• Lowered testosterone
• Lack of intimacy
• Marital problems
• Increased risk of drug and alcohol abuse
• Lack of significant achievement
• Chronic disease
• Early death

Treatment Options

The only effective course of treatment is to PANIC immediately.  The following guidelines should be followed closely to avoid potentially negative side-effects.²

The P-A-N-I-C Plan



The first task is to be clear on your Purpose. Don’t get hung up on the nomenclature here, there is nothing mysterious about this. If you feel like there is something more to life, then you are simply lacking fulfillment of Purpose.

Answer the following questions:

• What do I enjoy doing? Is there a topic, hobby or interest that you seem to gravitate towards?

• What did you like doing in the past? Did you have dreams when you were younger that you have given up on?

• What do you do well? Are you skilled at something in particular? It could be a gift of conversation, putting people at ease. Perhaps you like to work with your hands, or are good at organization.

• How do others characterize you? Do they say you are outgoing, reserved, have a good work ethic, are a dreamer, smart, etc.?

• What are your core values? What are the most important concepts you hold most dear? Are they religious, such as faith? Integrity? Honesty? Honor? Compassion? Gratitude? Service?

• When you get to the end of your life, how do you want to look back on it? What would be missing if that was today?

If you have to, just keep writing short phrases describing your purpose until you have refined it.


This is key to avoid listlessness. Once your Purpose is identified, you need to take action. Without action, any idea is just an idea.

Actions are what determine results. Without action, there are no results. Living a life of Purpose requires action. Keep in mind that you don’t need to know all the answers, or have a detailed plan, or defined goals. Do something, anything, that will move you forward.

Even imperfect action is action. Don’t wait, don’t delay, take action in alignment with your Purpose.

Taking action for yourself feeds your mind. You will gain a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction doing things that are important to you, rather than only ‘sit at a desk’ and wish there was something more to life.

If you don’t make your own decisions of what actions to take, someone else will, and you won’t be happy. Stop giving only to others. Give to yourself as well.


One attribute of successful people is being able to take action in the midst of uncertainty. Fear is a mind-killer and will hasten degradation towards zombification.

Our society rewards people that take bold action. It is respected. Living a life on Purpose and taking bold action will provide a feeling of richness and gratitude.

If you need to overcome fear and build confidence, read my blog series on Fear. It will help guide you to understanding your fear, identifying your Purpose and give you exercises to build your confidence.

Be strong, be awesome and have the courage and the nerve to take action. Resist and fight the zombification virus!


Actions without direction aren’t what you are going for. It is said that:

“If you don’t know where you are going, all roads will get you there.”

By getting clear on your Purpose, and having the Nerve to take Action, you need to be intentional about the direction.

Goals are dead and buried. Setting goals is so 1980’s! By the time you set goals and plan a course of action, someone else has already passed you by. Times change quickly in the world today.

An alternative to goals in the traditional sense is to be clear on your Purpose and your values and take action in alignment with them. Keep your sights set on what you want to accomplish and just do it. If you want to call that a goal, then fine, but action has value. Planning is just passing the time.


I get really excited when I start a new project. I’ll admit, in addition to fighting zombification, I chase the next shiny new thing. Don’t get distracted! Even when on task, its easy to fall into the dip and lose momentum.

Stay focused on your Purpose, but constantly take action towards it. In order to accomplish anything, you need action, but it also needs to be done repeatedly. Those that work harder than others achieve more than others.

If you give up, the zombie’s catch you, infect you and you become part of the mindless mass of automatons, siphoning off the lifeblood of our community! (I should – not – write a script).

Consistently review your Purpose, for it can change over time. Keep your values in mind and take actions consistent with them. Persistence of action and constancy of effort will be what propels you to a richer life.


You now have been assessed and given a course of treatment. It is up to you to follow through.

So, are you a zombie? If not, leave a comment to prove your humanity. Join the community to prove you have adopted the PANIC plan. Finally, read two more blog posts and call me in the morning!

Image Courtesy of Elena Gatti



¹ Web-M.E. Meaning “me”, myself and I. Dr. Green, Zombie Fighter Extraordinaire!

² Don’t take on an empty stomach, but with a liberal dose of tongue-in-cheek. Please see your doctor to be sure you are sick enough to Panic. Side effects may include a feeling of well-being, calm, happiness, gratitude, energy, closer connection to your loved ones, increased productivity and hope. If you experience inflated Passion for more than four hours, you know it is working.

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