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The Importance of Finding Meaning in Your Life

Finding Meaning

  I have been obsessed with finding meaning in my own life, and the meaning of life generally since I was a child. You may deduce from this that I was a bit off, and you would be right! Some say I still am. Somebody has to think of these things, and I just naturally…

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Paradigm Shift

Picture of idols looking opposite directions

You are free to create your own paradigms instead of simply accepting those presented to you by others. Russell Eric Dobda The way I look at the concept of a Paradigm Shift is a shift in thinking that is totally fundamental. Paradigm Shift As an example, I remember a story that illustrates this, though I…

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Relationships and Conflict

Candy Heart

Relationships Are All You’ve Got I screw up. Often as it turns out. In this instance I’m referring to managing a healthy marriage. How do I manage to screw up? Well, nothing unforgiveable, but it is the little things that add up. Bottling up feelings and not communicating effectively. I let things fester until I…

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Courage to Face Our Unsettling Truths

Freud and Unsettling Truths

Highlights: We still lack a lot of understanding of how the mind works, especially in treating depression We often avoid our ‘unsettling truths’ Self awareness takes honesty and courage I read an article recently in the Guardian regarding psychoanalysis versus cognitive behavioral therapy. Sometimes I read these types of articles because I am interested in the…

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Here are some AHA Moments. What are Yours?

Aha Moments

Concepts of the Post: Having direction and purpose lends itself to a more meaningful life Taking time to pause and reflect is a healthy practice Action: Make a list of your own aha moments AHA Moments “There’s so much information on the internet. But people don’t need more information, they need ‘aha moments,’ they need…

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