My Gift to You



Fear to Confidence is a 35 page ebook designed to provide highly actionable and highly leveraged information. No fluff here.

If progress in your life, such as following your passion, starting a business or living your Purpose is being held back by fear or other limiting belief, this book will help.

It is too easy today to become complacent and find yourself looking back and wishing you got started earlier, or thinking ‘is this all there is?’

Life is too short, too precious not to make the most of it.

Topics included are:

  • Understanding what fear is and how it works
  • Understanding what the real source of your fear is
  • How¬†fear is a conditioned response and how we can change our conditioning
  • How you can re-vision painful, difficult or thoughts that have become barriers to action
  • How to uncover the Why in your life
  • How to take small, progressive steps to build confidence

Once these principles are learned, they become a natural thought process. You will naturally learn how to get beyond limiting beliefs and to take action.

Actions ultimately determine our results, but actions are guided by our thoughts and beliefs. This book will teach you how to modify thoughts and beliefs to take actions that have the maximum impact in your life.