Overcome Fear


I’ve been thinking about Fear a lot lately. We all have fear, its universal. Some people are better at managing it than others. Many, many entrepreneurs were initially held back by it, but ultimately they were able to¬†overcome fear.

I am in the process of researching this more fully and have some thoughts I will share in the near future on how we can frame our fears and get beyond them.

Fear comes in many varieties, coming from deep inside us, from minor to full blown phobias. I can’t speak to the larger issues of fear, rather my focus is as entrepreneurs and/or people that just want to live a richer life, how do we overcome fear?

We should not let fear make our decisions for us.

What are fears that you have faced, or techniques to face them? Please leave a comment, the feedback will be appreciated. And, if you have a particularly great story to tell about how you were able to overcome fear, I may ask to speak with you to learn more.



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