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Are You In a Funk? 5 Easy Ways to Change

Grand Funk Railroad

It happens to the best of us. Working hard day to day, we can get mentally and physically fatigued. If we let our work-life balance get out of whack or we focus too much on what is not important to us and neglect what is, we can find ourselves in a funk. Sometimes we are…

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How Writing Saved My Life! – (Bait Title)

“Know thyself? If I knew myself I would run away.”  -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Yes, I know the title is a bit melodramatic, but in a psychological way, it is true. I spent a great deal of my life doing what I thought I should be doing, rather than pursuing my own passion. Growing older, life…

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In Defense of Pen and Paper (aka Old School Tools)

          Image Courtesy of Dinuraj K *TL;DR: Plan more productively by using a pen and paper (aka. Old School Tool). In this post I am going to encourage you to do some regular planning, but on paper. Electronic aids have become ubiquitous, but its time to give some love to the pen…

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Dog Biscuits and Oysters: Learn Like a Toddler

Image Courtesy of Jesse! S? I have a Toddler. For those of you who have had this experience, thank you for your condolences. The picture above probably gives away the punchline. I now have three boys, the youngest being just over 2. The phrase “terrible twos” doesn’t begin to do it justice. I believe one…

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