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“Follow Your Passion” is Bullshit Advice

It is better to follow your Purpose than to seek happiness or follow your passion.

…So is Seeking Happiness I’m going to keep this brief. You hear the terms passion, happiness etc., referred to all the time, like we can just go out and do them: “Follow/find your passion…” “The secret to happiness…” “Do what you love to do…” I call bullshit! The bottom line is: if you don’t have…

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Take Meaningful Action

I can’t believe it has been so long that since I’ve posted. This time it will be brief, with no photo and just a brief message about taking meaningful action. I read my last blog post and it resonated perfectly true for me today as it did the day I wrote it. Where have I…

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Forget Your New Year Resolutions! Choose Purpose Over Goals

Man not wanting to set resolutions

  Purpose Over Goals As 2015 starts winding down, Thanksgiving behind you, you may find yourself doing last minute (or just-getting-started) shopping. Christmas is a week away for those who practice it, but soon the new year will be here and it’s the natural time on the calendar that people start thinking of the year…

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Why You Need to Follow Your Purpose

Fork in the Road

I firmly believe that life is much more rewarding if you are following your Purpose. What do I mean by that? Purpose is the pursuit of an activity that touches you at the deepest level. Think of being at the end of your life. What is it that you most want to do, to accomplish…

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Why You Will Fail (Probably) and What You Can Do

Fail Picture

  Okay folks, I’m going to go on a rant today, so get prepared! You see, I went through life in auto-pilot, dutifully going about my business without much thought. I didn’t need to think, because I had been taught what to do. In the jobs that I have had, I saw people who were…

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