Welcome to Richer Self. This site is about guys helping guys become better men, and lead a more rewarding life.

By my definition, “more rewarding” means more fulfillment, more meaning, more Purpose, more contentment.

Have you ever wondered what your life was really about? What it all means?

Many of us have, but men are not taught to think this way. However, the older we get, the more work and life experience we gain, the more financially stable we become, we may begin to ask, “is this all there is?”

You will learn to explore and answer this question here.

(For a brief description of my philosophy and approach, read this)

Getting Started

The following sections are broken down by major topics of Stress and Purpose.

Stress and Anxiety

Start here to learn 3 Breathing Techniques to Reduce Stress.  Learning deep breathing is an essential skill to use as a tool for not only long term stress and anxiety reduction, but for immediate relief. Everyone from meditation practitioners to combat troops rely on deep breathing to bring a state of calm. They will work for you too.

Purpose and Meaning

For a basic understanding of where I come from, start with Why You Need to Follow Your Purpose

Other cornerstone content can be found below:

Other Topics

The information below is topic, or issue, specific.